Whole Foods Military Pantry Starter Kit:

whole foods pantry starter military

Pantry Starter Kit from Wholefoods *from select stores.  Several Wholefoods stores have partnered with Blue Star Families to provide these great Pantry starter kits for military families who have just PCS’d to a new location.

Here is the link for Blue Star Families.

You will see an email address located on that page in order to email the person from Blue Star Families to find out more.



Eat Wild:  Find Local Farmers in your area of the country

Looking for locally raised beef, chicken and pork?  Fresh produce and much more?  Check out Eat Wild and click on your location to find all the local farms and regional producers of fresh produce.  This is a fabulous resource when you are trying to eat as local as possible, all over the country!





Meal Planner Pro

With this Free resource you can meal plan,  save my recipes to your recipe box, add the ingredients to a shopping list which you can take to the store and check off as you go!

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