Clean the Slate….QUIT Sugar for good!

Clean the Slate….QUIT Sugar for good!

Quit sugar for good

Make 2018 your year to Ditch Sugar for good!

Hey guys has 2018 been good for you so far? Have you set some goals and started working towards them? My number one goal this year is to be more present with myself and with my family and friends. I want to enjoy each day, stress less, love more, and just be in the moment more.  Another goal that I have pertains to health, that is to QUIT being controlled by sugar. I tend to let sugar be the one vice that I keep going back to. Sugar is so incredibly addicting and is hidden in so many of our foods, for example coffee creamer is probably the most seductive form of sugar for me.

I tend to drink a couple cups of coffee every single morning and if I have coffee creamer on hand I will definitely be using it. This year I made a goal for myself not to even purchase creamer at the grocery store. I have decided to use organic half and half or even heavy cream depending on which I have in the fridge along with a dash of maple syrup or honey. Yes I’m still using a natural form of sugar of course, but this is my baby step, if you will, for getting rid of the creamer and the need to even have any creamer at all on my coffee. The ultimate goal for me is to just drink my coffee black along with a tiny bit of coconut oil. I have done that before and I do love it, so eventually I will get back to that!

Another thing that makes it apparent that I need to work on my sugar intake is that I find myself feeling a little bit snacky in the afternoon or needing a pick-me-up. I can usually attribute that to having had too much sugar through the course of the morning and afternoon or even as far back as the day before. Sugar is a sneaky little guy, he just wants to hide in all of our food products and wants to control us. Worse he even wants to take over our brain and eventually our body. Frankly I’m kind of tired of him so I have vowed to kick him out this year. Of course we do need a little bit of natural sugars in our diet from fruits and honey etc. which I’m totally fine by and it doesn’t seem to affect me that much when I do have it. The problem stems primarily from the foods that have added sugars (aka coffee creamers :)).

I will go out on a limb here and say that someone else is thinking “all I really want is a cup of coffee with some coffee creamer in it.” Or maybe you just have an insatiable need to eat all the things? I know personally when I’m starting to make dinner in the evening, I have this need to snack on all the things that are in my in front of my face, When this cycle happens I know that sugar has taken way too much control of me again. Here are the two things I am working on this week:

  • Step 1:  take sugar out of the equation and take the source out of the house. (throw away junk food/processed foods with added sugars in them)
  • Step 2: reduce the amount of honey/maple syrup that I add to my coffee by a little each morning.
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The topic of my blog posts for the next couple weeks are going to be focused on how we can actually baby step our way off of sugar and get US on our way to no longer being controlled by sugar! If you look at the food supply in our country, you will see that food companies create all of these delicious “foods” with A LOT of additives and sugars in them. These companies know that we cannot say no to their products because the simple addition of the sugar is much like “crack” cocaine in that we will crave it more and more, which is keeping us coming back for MORE. Frankly I don’t want to a part of this, especially knowing that these companies are taking advantage of our brains and in return fattening their own wallets.

If we could work on getting back to the “root” foods, or basic, whole foods that our bodies need and crave most, the cravings for unnatural sugars will eventually stop. So my goal for the next couple months is to focus on just this aspect of our diets because if I, along with many other Americans, could get a grip on this particular part of our diets, I am certain the other parts will fall into place.

So If I could leave you with one goal this week that would be to

Stop buying coffee creamer! Instead buy a small bottle of grass-fed heavy cream or half/half and some good quality maple syrup (grade b or c is best). Use 1 tbsp of cream and 1 tsp of maple syrup (or honey) and then focus on reducing that next.
Not a coffee drinker? Figure out what the first thing you consume in the morning is and if it contains sugar in it, STOP consuming that and instead have a huge glass of water or a cup of hot green tea with a tiny bit of honey mixed in.

I am excited about what this year holds for Healthy on the Homefront and for all of you! I am also excited about sharing my personal sugar detox journey with you. I have decided to take all of this and create a sugar elimination challenge. It’s still in the works, with a launch date of February 1. In the meantime you can click here to sign up for updates.

Clean Slate Sugar Detox

If you have any questions or need any personal help with your diet please click here to send me an email I love answering your questions as well as tell you how you can work with me one on one.

4 thoughts on “Clean the Slate….QUIT Sugar for good!

  1. I love this! When I worked as a health coach sugar was something all my clients struggling with reducing. They would fight for every little bit of sugar. It was eye opening to them when I showed them all the “hidden” sugars. Great article!
    1. Thank you Megan! Yes I know, even for myself when I discovered all of the "hidden" sugars in things like dressings, sauces and otherwise "healthy" foods I was shocked! I think the food labeling is very deceiving and I want to focus on teaching people how to decipher the labels so they know they are essentially being "tricked" into thinking things are healthier than they really are!
  2. I am impressed by those who can give up sugar. I never could. I need it to remain friendly. I don't use coffee creamer though because I don't drink coffee. But I drink a lot of Diet Coke which is probably just as bad.
    1. I know what you mean Amber! I used to drink A lot of diet coke too! I actually think thats why I kept turning to sugar, it was giving me a false sense of being full-filled lOL. I still drink diet coke occasionally like if we are going out to the movies or I just want a "treat." I don't buy it so that really really helps! My program is more about getting rid of the processed sugars in our Standard American Diet, not sugar all together as I do believe in getting sugar from natural sources : fruit, honey, maple syrup, dates etc... We all still need a little bit of sugar just not SO much.

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