My Health Journey

My Health Journey

I am Jess a Nutritionist, Chef, Air Force Wife and mom to 3.  I used to be 100 pounds heavier than I am now.  I began losing weight when my husband went on his first deployment back in 2004.  I made a decision that very first day that it was now time to make my health my “project.”  I had NO idea where this “project” would lead me. If you told me that in 2017 I would have all the extra weight gone, found a love for fitness primarily running/cycling/lifting, went to school to become a chef, then back to school to become a Nutritionist all while raising 3 rambunctious crazy kids and moving 4 times, I would have laughed in your face!  Here we are though and I am looking forward to the exciting journey this life will lead us on.

Having been on both sides of health in this military journey, I speak from experience that once I decided to get healthy for good, things just fell into place.  I would be lying if I said that deployments, TDY’s and PCS’s are easy now, they are definitely NOT easy….

  instead, I would say that things became more manageable, less daunting and all around I found ways to enjoy life more and my kids more during those times apart despite the hardships.  Much of this had to do with the domino effect that happened when I lost 100 pounds.  Losing that weight helped me to not only chase after my kids better, but also helped me to finally find peace with my body, which turns out actually affects ALL of the other aspects of life.

I never knew how freeing it would be to have the headspace cleared up, you know from the abundance of body shaming feelings we harbor when we are in an unhealthy physical state.  I now had this peace with my physical appearance and I noticed that my feelings of severe unhappiness when my husband was gone (and sometimes even home) seemed to dissipate more and more.  Don’t get me wrong I still have feelings of sadness when my husband is away, but it is not laced with the fear of not being “good enough.”  I now have the mental and physical energy to take on the things that this crazy military life has in store for us.  My goal is for this space to help you and others in this similar military lifestyle learn how to create this sense of freedom also!


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