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 Welcome to Healthy on the HomeFront!

Hi!  I am Jess, a Military spouse, mom of 3, Nutritionist, Chef and Blogger.  Healthy on the Homefront is a healthy lifestyle (mostly food) blog for those military wives out there who need just a little more support than your average healthy lifestyle blog will provide.  

I started this blog is to bring my knowledge of Nutrition and Culinary Arts as well as the wisdom experience that 13+ years of being a military wife has brought me, to teach, impact and support you on your own personal health journey.  I think one of the best things that this lifestyle has taught me is that every few years we get to start over…meaning every time we move there is new opportunity to grow.  That is why I largely attribute my own personal weight loss and health gains to this military lifestyle.  Beginning with my husband’s first deployment I really started to work on my own personal health and fitness, this jump started my weight loss and sparked my love of all things health, nutrition and fitness.  Each PCS and deployment brought new opportunities for personal growth and I have found ways to better myself and consequently, my family at each leg of this journey.  Check out my personal health journey here.

A few fun facts

Things I love include:

  • Indoor Cycling (the husband and I are making plans to do a cycling trip in Europe!)
  • Lifting weights (I love knowing that when the husband is away I can lift the heavy things)
  • Fashion!  I spent so many years being overweight and feeling frumpy that now I can’t stop buying all the cute clothes!
  • Photography I love taking portraits of people/kids/animals and capturing their true personalities (I even took all of the photos on this page of my family, excluding the before and after weight loss pics.)
  • Social situations, I love people, I love meeting new people, I love all things socializing, but it inevitably burns me out and I spend a day or two recovering by ↓
  • Netflix/Hulu Binge sessions (usually done on my treadmill, so I feel less lazy LOL)

Things I hate  love-less:

  • Deployments
  • TDY’s
  • the Commissary on pay-day
  • filling out school enrollment papers right after PCSing and having no one to put as an emergency contact
  • Being late.

So while you are here take a look around, make sure to share any posts or recipes that you think any of your other Military Spouse friends or family might find helpful!

Also if you haven’t gotten your copy yet here is my mini “Guide book” to help you eat healthy while your spouse is on deployment/TDY or shift work.  It’s just some tips and tricks that have helped me during the 8 deployments and countless TDY’s to get healthy and stay that way.

Spouses Guide to eating healthy during deployment
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